Amsterdam based award winning filmmaker Patrick Bus is traveling light to make engaging films.


Masters Film and Television Studies

Patrick Bus (1975) earned his Master’s Degree in Film and Television Studies in Amsterdam, after completing an internship at the Palestinian Broadcasting Company. He then worked as a reporter and program creator at various television companies in the Netherlands. In 2003 he began his first short film, “The Personal”, a portrait of a 69 year old gay man still hoping to find the love of his life on the Internet.

Winner IDFA 

In 2005 Bus won the Documentary Script Award at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, for his “The Bittersweet Shadow of Stampersgat,” a film about the relationship between Europe, sugar beet and the inhabitants of the small village of Stampersgat. The film premiered at the Dutch Film Festival in September 2008, was broadcast on Dutch National Television (NPS) October 31, 2008 and shown again at the Tuschinski Theater for the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

Film production company

In 2006 he started his own communications agency “Amsterdam C”. There he functioned as a creative director and filmmaker, coming up with marketing and educational campaigns for companies and organizations like the Dutch National Bank, the Energy Waste Company Amsterdam and Ricoh.  

His own films

Although he loved the thrill and competitive nature of pitching ideas and bringing art to the corporate, he missed the creative process of making his own films. In 2013 he decided to return to personal films, resulting in the short documentary “Barely Positive”, a film about his own serodiscordant relationship with his husband Tom. This film is a combination of his own idea and creative process, yet supported by Aids Fund and three pharmaceutical companies. The film premiered at the Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 2013. It is currently being used as an educational tool for HIV conferences throughout the world as well as being shown as a documentary at film festivals throughout the world.

Own ideas, multiple settings

This is now the way he wants to work:  his own ideas, his own projects, but accessible enough to be used in different educational and commercial settings. At the moment Patrick is making three short documentary films about hepatitis C sponsored by Gilead Sciences Currently he is also working on a remake of Joris Iven’s film “Rain” with the following question in mind: “Has the new possibilities of mobile filmtechnologies (drone, mobile phone, GO PRO) impact on the narrative of the same story?”